iValue is a conduit for transfer of the experience of an established provider of organizational transformation and technology consultation that had resulted from more than a decade of managed services offering consulting services across governments and commercial markets in the Middle East namely APSG. Combining innovation, technology and industry know-how, iValue collaborates with clients to help them perform at their highest level delivering sustainable value to their customers and shareholders.



The primary concept of iValue is based on the belief that there are three categories in the hierarchy of challenges towardsdeveloping overall strategies.First, assimilation of new technology and methodology that is the easiest and straightforward. Technical issues such as standards, designs, software/hardware, and appropriate machinery can be simply acquired or bought and there are many market players who offer thesetypes of services readily. Whereas the Second aspect namely changing processes through the formulation and enforcement of new rules, regulations and workflows, together with development of human resources required for the change, is a much more difficult undertaking. However, the Third and most challenging category is the and overall organizational culture and the required organizational changes of paradigm such as definition and implementation of new value systems, roles and responsibilities, dealing with multiple jurisdictions, resolving the conflicting turfs of power and etc. which any appropriate strategy has to be based on these fundamentals and address this category in a very unique and customized manner.


This is why while strategies, solutions and the application of technologies offered by the globally recognized professional companiesmay very well work for modern societies, similar efforts most likely will fail in countries of Middle East region. Even in the best case scenarios in this region one might see the look and glamor of modernity but when looks more carefully into the feel of the environment and the quality of services finds a great deal to be desired for. Although it is imperative to get the right vision and to learn from the experiences gained in the first world countries, the complexities and particular dynamics of Middle Eastern countries is quite different from that of Western societies. Therefore even internationally renowned companies may lack the presence and knowledge in local business domains required for providing national level IT solutions.

iValue’s breakthrough mission is powerful and yet simple: to use and further develop the unique and untapped competencies available in a company in the Middle East to revolutionize and organize effective business development and convenient service delivery to the niche market through the proper application and assimilation of the appropriate information and communication technologies that are based on a customized strategy road map. iValue Infosolutions MEA is a specialized subsidiary of a larger entity called iValue Global PS., which consists of many partners (legal entities as well as individual experts) worldwide that collaborate with one another to bring about a successful mega solutions to major government and non-government entities in MEA.