A community of future, cleverly designed and built to achieve perfection by harmony between technology, environment and people. Propelling the ICT-based development as the regional and national drive for sustainable development. 


ASHNA Smart Village is situated on top of a hill 5 kilometers northeast of Kelardasht in Mazandaran province. From an amazingly unique spot, ASV overlooks the Caspian Sea towards the north, with a bird’s eye view of Kelardasht city at its footstep to the south, while facing the magnificent ice-covered peaks of Alam-Kooh Mountains from distance. Starting from its initial phase of about 100 acres, the Village is to acquire and develop over one million square meters of abundant but abandoned land through private investment. ASV is a master-planned community destined to become a benchmark for modern tourism resort development in north of Iran. 


Our Values and Services;

  • Honor the rich indigenous history as well as the natural heritage of the site;
  • Integrate cutting-edge architectural design with ‘smart’ technology to create a modern village with a mix of housing options for social and community benefit;
  • Maintain respect for existing communities by ensuring sensitive and appropriate development;
  • Preserve the nature and life with dedication to its beautiful environment;