Our services revolve around the central role of culture in organizations and how people are affected by it and how they play an important role in shaping it.There are three categories in the hierarchy of challenges towards developing overall strategies and managing their successful implementations:

First, assimilation of new technology and corresponding methodology which is the easiest and most straightforward; this is what most companies are concerned with and includes majority of the services provided by world-class service providers here in MEA. It is easy to see that technical issues such as standards, designs, software/hardware, and appropriate machinery can be simply acquired or bought. 

Whereas the Second aspect, which pertains to changing processes through the formulation and enforcement of new rules, regulations and workflows, together with the development of human resources required for the change, is a much more difficult undertaking. This area is just being noticed by major players; however everyone finds it more challenging and as such requires special attention and careful planing.

However, the most challenging category is the Third aspect which is overall organizational culture and the required organizational changes such as the definition and implementation of new roles and responsibilities, dealing with multiple jurisdictions, resolving the conflicting turfs of power and etc. that any appropriate strategy and corresponding management system have to address this category in a very unique and customized manner. This is the most difficult and we rarely notice any real and extensive activity by major players in this region.  In our past twenty years of extensive activities in different areas of high technology assimilation , we have noticed the significance of this very crucial issue over and over again. In all of our activities, our experts in iValue with their extensive hands on experience provide our client with latest solutions with a special attention to the underlaying aspect of cultural transformation. You will find our professional services very much inline with the quality of world-class service providers, with a difference! iValue’s main differentiator is our deep understanding and inclusion of the specificity and requirements of cultural transformation in all of our services.