iValue’s Management Consultancy Services is available to assist its clients in their operational, financial and project management needs. We work closely with each client's principal(s) and key decision makers as well as skill workers to learn about their respective internal operating systems. Through this process we are able to develop a customized approach, develop innovative solutions, make recommendations for improvement and offer assistance with, or take full responsibility for the implementation of each activity. We offer our services in the following four key areas:

I.    Strategic and Operational Planning Services:

    • Review Firm's Goals and Objectives (Gap Analysis)
    • Evaluate Organizational Structure (Organizational Transformation)
    • Analyze Internal Operations (Business Process Optimization/reengineering)
    • Assess Strengths and Weaknesses (SWOT analysis)
    • Review/Develop Position Descriptions (Positioning analysis)

II.    Financial Management Services:

    • Review/Develop Annual Budget
    • Review Format of Financial Statements
    • Review Cash Flow Management Reports
    • Evaluate Current Performance Indicators

III.   Profit Planning Services:

    • Review/Develop Annual Profit Plan
    • Define Annual Revenue Potential & Target
    • Prepare "Break-Even" Cost Analysis
    • Establish Competitive Billing Rate Structure

IV.   Project Administration/Management Services:

    • Project Fee Budgeting (Top Down/Bottom-Up)
    • Staff Utilization Planning
    • Project Delivery Systems
    • Project Monitoring Systems (Project Cost-Accounting)